Business Analyst Training 

Organizations are increasingly aware of the important role that business systems analyst play in project success. But do your business analysts have the necessary skills and qualifications to consistently influence your project’s success? 

D&D Cloud’s business analyst training ranges from basic to agile and modeling user requirements. Business analysts can acquire the truly important business skills needed to plan business analytics activities throughout the project lifecycle. 

With the advent of IT, the demand for business intelligence professionals and system analyst has increased since the beginning of this century. The explosive growth of data since 2010 has increased the value of professionals with diverse analytical skills. It’s no secret that data analysis, like other functions such as marketing, sales, supply chain management, customer management, accounting, and finance, is an integral part of the overall business strategy. 

Our business analyst course is specially designed for graduates who do not have prior knowledge of business analysis or business intelligence tools. This management analyst certification course is unique by focusing on key competencies using a combination of demanding analytical tools and their applications.


  • Live online lessons by face-to-face teachers.
  • Lifetime access to online business analyst course.
  • Training materials and videos were recorded for reference.
  • Practice software tools and gain hands-on experience.
  • Discuss real-time projects in different areas.
  • Guidance on interviews and resume preparation.


Our business analyst training covers an overview of business analytics, IT terminology, UML, and modeling tools.

  • Learn data mining, statistical modeling, and forecasting skills using on-demand analytics tools.
  • It also covers How to collect requirements, JAD sessions, and documents.
  • Project management framework, scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resource management, communication management, risk management, procurement management concept according to PMBOK guide.
  • This certification course is useful for analytical tasks that require hands-on skills in R, Excel-VBA, SQL, and Tableau (the most common data representation and fast business intelligence tools).
  • Quality Analysis Topics (Quality Assurance Testing, Test Planning, Test Cases, SQL-Database Testing)
  • Manual testing, software lifecycle testing (STLC), defect lifecycle, and test measurement


  • Non-IT students/juniors who want to start their business career as an analyst in the IT industry.
  • People who want to embrace your job as a business analyst and find out how to take responsibility for your job.
  • People who want to change their profession from a test analyst or programmer to a business analyst.
  • People who work as a business analyst and need formal business analyst training to develop your skills and stand out from the competition.


Our professional coaches provide live online sessions which are easy to join from anywhere. These are fully interactive sessions of real-time discussions and questions/answers. This it professional training gives you the professional skills you need for different types of analytics-related work, including business analysts, data analysts, marketing analysts, and CRM analysts. Contact us to learn through an on-demand e-learning video session available in your learning management system. 

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