This azure devops certification training is designed by industry experts who have many years of experience in building and scaling production applications (Amazon, Google, Cisco, Byjus) for millions of users worldwide.

This devops course is completely practical, providing the best learning experience in the classroom and sufficient support to start your career in DevOps, while at the same time DCA (Docker Certified Associate) and CKAD (Kubernetes Certified Application Developer).

D&D Cloud devops training helps you develop and build DevOps skills using key tools like Docker Networks, Development Cycles, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Vagrant, Jenkins, and Nagios. D&D Cloud instructors are experts in teaching the core and details of microsoft devops concepts. This devops course will cover the practical aspects of devops and help you apply these approaches to real-world project examples. Sign up for a azure devops certification course and turn your career into a DevOps engineer.

This devops training provides an understanding of different classes of DevOps tools such as DevOps, Continuous Integration Automation, Continuous Implementation, Life Cycle Management Development, Configuration Management Tools, Source Code Management, Automation Tools, and Continuous Monitoring Tools.


After completing a devops online training session at D&D Cloud, you will gain experience and qualify for the following:

  • Full knowledge of azure devops apiCan work on the project independently
  • Setting up a development/test environment
  • Create your azure devops server infrastructure with a cloud platform
  • Using Jenkins implements continuous integration
  • Automate necessary administrative tasks using shell scripts


Basic knowledge of programming languages ​​and Linux helps you understand concepts faster. Sign up for this devops course, and you will have access to an independent pace in Python and Linux.


Our best azure devops training offers hands-on lab-based training that covers best devops practices for continuous development, continuous testing, and configuration management, including continuous integration, continuous implementation, and continuous monitoring.

Our devops curriculum covers both market research-based content and short-term content in a specific way that enables each participant to benefit more depending on relevant industry requirements.

Each participant is provided with a real-time project-based project, and a task to work on where learning after training can be implemented. This project helps you understand business scenarios and challenges in real-time and how you can easily solve them.

After our azure devops training, each participant earns an industry-recognized devops certification from D&D Cloud along with the lifelong DevOpsCertication.


D&D Cloud is a team of developers, engineers, marketing automation specialist, and educators who are passionate about building innovative products that are fun, engaging, and lifelong learning. 

We are a very ambitious team that builds a new and lasting learning experience for our users. Take advantage of the innovation process to provide a comfortable and constructive learning environment.

From creative design to intuitive applications, we give users a hassle-free learning experience. We are improving our engineers with deep technology so that they can be hired and prepare for the future.

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